2021 Virtual Reality

Virtual Club of Dangerous Women was a participatory performance art project that concerned itself with female violence against men. In a series of theatrical session set in Virtual Reality, women were invite to tell and stage their violent dreams, visions and fantasies. Through their appearance as avatars, the participants overcame the physical limitations of biological sex, geographical locality, economical conditions, and cultural background. As such, the Club temporarily occupied the digital public space with scenarios of female violence.

The first session was presented as a live stream in the frame of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin on May 27th 2021. This event marked the kick-off of a performative multi-platform media action for the digital as well as the physical public space. The testimonies that were collected in the frame of Virtual Club of Dangerous Women culminated in …dreams about girls, a performative installation for the real and virtual space.

The project was conceptualized by performance artist Katharina Haverich in collaboration with Yael Sherill and Lianne Mol, and realized with the kind support of Fonds Darstellende Künste in the frame of the NEUSTART KULTUR #TakePart programme.