© Susann Zielinski

2020 Berlin

A long afternoon of public pauses reversing the post-pandemic rush to normality: This is an Intervention! was a mini-festival of artistic interventions in the public space of Berlin-Kreuzberg, in which artists and cultural workers opened up their private thinking to the public. These were accompanied by a discursive radio programme, guided tours and the Pandemic Films open-air film screening. 

This is an Intervention! explored the undiscovered land of the post-pandemic. Could this be the ground on which vast and widespread cultural, environmental, economic, social and democratic transformations in systems and mindsets can be initiated? Acknowledging uncertainty as a commonality, the event attempted to collect the wide range of contemplations, energies and emotions at play in the critical moment after the first COVID-19 lockdown was lifted in Germany.

Listen to the discursive programme in this podcast by Cashmere Radio.

This is an Intervention! was a non-funded initiative that came into being through a collaboration between B_Tour and Kap Hoorn, and with the generous support of all participating artists and volunteers.

participating artists: Paula Anguita / Juan Almarza, Christoph Rothmeier, Lucila Guichon / Leicy Valenzuela / Franco Toledo / Inti Gallardo / Aleksandra Gajda, Marco Montiel-Soto, Pink Valley Performance Kollektiv, Lacy Barry, Ailin Formia / Jonny Sabandija, Néstor Barbitta / Marcela Sacán, Pablo Cabrera Ferralis, Jasmina Al-Qaisi, TRANSSTRUKTURA_berlin, Andreas Heim / Nataliya Sukhova, Ella Bergelson Ponizovsky, Juan-Pedro Guemberena Fabra, Alejandra Ruddoff, Joaquin Brandan, Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez, Patrick Thomas, Topsy Qur’et, Petr Dlouhý, Stef Lenk, Álvaro Bezanilla, Plastique Fantastique, Jan van Esch / Elsa Mulder, Camp Collapse, Felipe Cusicanqui, Nicolás Lartaun, Gabriel Hensche, Juan Saez​


© Cristian Perez
© Elsa Mulder & Jan van Esch
© Arturo Alejandro
©Ailin Formia & Johnny Sabandija
© Aleksandra Gajda
© Cristian Perez
© Gabriel Hensche